T  O  W  L  E     H  I  L  L     S  T  U  D  I  O
2 8   C e n t e r   R o a d ,   C o r i n t h ,   V e r m o n t   0 5 0 3 9
Weekend shows hosted by the exhibitors.

Shows open Saturday at 12 PM till 6 PM 
and on Sunday from 12 PM till 3 PM.

Receptions typically hosted on Saturday from 4 PM till 6 PM of the show. 

If you are intereseted in exhibiting your work contact Mark Nielsen at mjnart.nielsen@gmail.com
for details.  


All images copyright of the artists.
Route 91 to Exit 16.
Head west on Route 25.
At Monty’s Auto Repair (past East Corinth) 
turn left onto Brook Road.
Right onto Center Road.
First Driveway on the Right.

J U N E  Richard Barsotti and Peter MacMurray        
23rd and 24th      Antique Motorcycle Exhibit 

This Show will be held at:

10397 VT-25
S e p t e m b e r         Gail Boyajian - Sculpture          
8th and 9th           "Looking for the Ark"
O c t o b e r        Stephanie Suter              
6th and 7th           "Drawings and works on Paper"    
M a y                          Peter Schumann                           
26th and 27th          Of
                             Bread and Puppet Theater
and                        Giant Woodcut Banner Exhibit

​2nd and 3rd            Reception:  May 26th               
                            Reception 4 PM till 6PM 
                            with "The Garbage Man"
                            Reception on June 2nd Canceled.

M a y   Kate Burnim - Paintings
12th and 13th               
J U L Y    Annie Farrar - Sculpture                      
14th and 15th"Inner Labyrinths"        

J U N E  Vermont Watercolor Society               
9th and 10th           I CAN PAINT
                            Student Show

     Donations to support this
     program will be accepted.
J U L Y    Kathy Grove - Conceptual Photography              
28th and 29th        "Flotsam and Jetsam"

A U G U S T   Susan Smereka   - Works on Paper       
11th and 12th               "Multi-Phase Flow"    

S e p t e m b e r         Cathy Cone 
22nd and 23rd     ​"Rewinding Forward"

O c t o b e r    Ria Blaas - Paintings             
20th and 21st    
A U G U S T   Dierdre Dennis and Andy Newman - Paintings
25th-26th                "Mostly Winter"
2 0 1 8     S H O W  S C H E D U L E 
J U L Y     Madeleine Murray - Paintings 
21st and 22nd             "Imagining Home"